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Measham Garden Fellowship

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Worship Time: 10.30 First Sunday each month

Minister:     Rev Jacky Cottrell
Telephone: 01530 412298

A brief history of how Measham Garden Fellowship began. 

At the end of 2009 our Methodist Church, in Bosworth Road, closed. We all felt we would still like to have a presence in Measham, to continue to join in with the other Churches in the village with things like women's world day of prayer and other ecumenical events.


After gaining permission from the District, we were able, as part of Moira Centenary Church, to still hold monthly services in the garden room in Measham. It enabled a healing process to take place so that we could become stronger members of our mother Church. We hold our fortnightly bible fellowship at Measham.


The garden is very much part of our ministry. We put love, time and energy into creating a garden so that everyone who comes can feel welcome and loved. We enable them to reconnect with God, their creator, through the wonder of his creation, and discover their place in his plan. The wildlife and the peace make this a haven in busyness.


Events we invite people to are: The Moira annual garden party and various cream tea afternoons. We lead quiet garden days for meditations and reflections in small groups, and space for silence in tr. We are available for groups or individuals to use as retreat days or afternoons. Some groups just come for an afternoon's walk round and a cup of tea afterwards. We have tried creative activity afternoons, such as bird watching, gardening, painting, photography, embroidery and a knitting group. The garden proved to be a hit when we had messy Church there especially the ducks and hens. Café Church too was enjoyable.


We have a garden of remembrance, where people can bring flowers after cremations and for birthdays etc. Families can come just to have a private moment of reflection and prayer.

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