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Mission Planning

A Mission Plan is a key document for any church. It helps the church leadership organise the practical work that they plan as they seek to move the church forward growing disciples for Christ. The mission plan also helps to communicate to its members why the church is doing the things that it does – and how they can help with the tasks to be undertaken.

The Mission Plan should contain church ‘Vision’ and ‘Mission’ statements with clear objectives and, as always, should be supported with regular prayers! On this page you will find both Church and Circuit Mission Plan – along with resources you may find useful to help with your planning.

If you would like some support or facilitation to  produce an effective Mission Plan please contact Mark Dale (Circuit Steward) Mobile 07802 581967.

Alternatively there is an excellent Workbook, produced by the Methodist Church, that may be of interest. You can download it from here:

Workbook Cover.jpg

Published Mission Plans

Useful Resources

Please download documents for your use from here.

NFE Circuit Mission Planning 2024

A Powerpoint Presentation used at the NFE Circuit Meeting April 2024

NFE Circuit Mission Planning 'One Pager'

A printable document for discussion in your church

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