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OUR CALLING  - Worship, Learning & Caring, Service, Evangelism

In the National Forest East Circuit we are exploring ways to engage with the world around us, proclaiming the love and grace God. Our Mission Plan is built around the four areas of Our Calling identified by the Methodist Church. It is very much a work in progress as we consider and plan ways of responding to the challenges of the world today. We recognise that there are inevitable challenges and opportunities for the church during and post Covid19. The circuit are seeking to explore ways to engage with ‘New People, New places’ and ‘God for All’. 

Evangelism - to make more followers of Jesus

  • Explore opportunities for digital evangelism - e.g. use of social media, Youtube and Alpha online;

  • Engaging with local communities – e.g. Oasis Café in Hugglescote, Open the Book schools work and Messy Church.

Worship - to increase awareness of God’s presence and to celebrate God’s love.

  • Enabling diverse styles of worship across the circuit – e.g. traditional worship with old hymns, café style and everything in between;

  • Finding ways to enable worship through weekly YouTube services, in written form and on the phone for those unable or uncertain about to using technology.

Service – to be a good neighbour to people in need and to challenge injustice.

  • Extensive use of church buildings by community groups with an encouragement to be part of wider church life and showing compassion and care to those in need – e.g. offering a listening ear at church run cafes across the circuit; afternoon tea service for older people.

  • Developing the work of the Children and Family worker and other volunteers to provide supportive environment for parents and carers – e.g. toddler groups and Little Wesleys.

Learning and Caring

  • Enabling individuals and groups to deepen their spirituality through bible study and small groups;

  • Established pastoral visitors who have maintained contact with the church family during the lockdown period – e.g. weekly bulletins with articles exploring faith and sharing good news; phone calls and doorstep visits.

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